Monday, October 3, 2011

Moving Dirt

Moving dirt is the first step in the process of "Moving the Mountain."  Beginning this week, October 3, dirt will be moved.   105,000 yards of dirt, in fact,  will be moved to level the property to the optimum grade for building the new building.  This is just step one in the process.  Rodney shared with the church on Sunday morning that the main focus is to be able to continue with the ministry and mission of the church. So at this point a date for beginning the building has not been confirmed.

"If faith can move the mountains, let the mountains move. We come with expectation, waiting here for you."--Christy Nockles

Friday, September 16, 2011

Be Praying!

Be praying! 
The grading plan has been received and has been passed on to Planning and Zoning for their approval at the end of next week.  Bids for the excavation are also due back by the end of next week as well.  September 23 is a very important day.  Please be in prayer for the board  and the building committee as they proceed with decisions about the building project.  

(copied from Perry Noble, pastor of Newspring Community Church, Anderson, SC)
You can’t expect to be understood AND obedient.
You can’t do what God wants you to do and avoid conflict.
You can’t expect God to always make sense (it won’t always work out on paper!)
You can’t get to the next level without sacrifice.
You can’t follow Jesus and remain the same.
You can’t make a significant impact in the world if you are always playing defense.
You can’t honor God by trying your best to be someone else.
You can’t play it safe and please God (Hebrews 11:1Hebrews 11:6)
You can’t avoid the tough decisions and make progress.
You can’t expect to impact the world if you are attempting to answer questions no one is even asking.
You can’t fail if you are doing WHAT God has called you to do!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grading Plan Ordered

Great News!  We are making plans to move forward.  So you already knew we were making plans so what is really going on?  At the last board meeting, August 8, the board voted, unanimously, to order a grading plan.  This is the plan that will tell  those moving dirt how much dirt to move and where to move it.  We anticipate this  plan to be complete sometime later next week, and then the plans will be forwarded on to  Planning and Zoning for their approval at the end of September.    MOUNT OLIVET IS ON THE MOVE!

Monday, June 20, 2011

FAQ's- Part 2

5.       Question:     Would donations be tax deducible?

Answer:  Yes, donations are tax deductible

6.     Question:     Why has the church leadership been so hesitant (10 years since purchasing the land to build) on following through with their prayerfully inspired calling from God to build the new facility?  Isn’t there a certain amount of faith that must be acted upon in this type of situation that God will provide if we just do it?

Answer:  Leadership has responded to God’s will to build a new facility.  It is one thing to do God’s work, but we must do God’s work, God’s way and in God’s time.  Remember, David was anointed king when he was a teenager.  It was approximately 14 more years before David actually sat on the throne and ruled Israel.

7.    Question:     Why $1,200,000?  Does the church already have $800,000? If so, could construction start sooner?

Answer:  The goal of $1,200.00 was based on the total cost being $2,000.00.  The balance of $800,000, would be financed.  However, the building committee is still in the process of determining exact construction cost.  Their goal is to lower the total cost of $2,000,000 and still build a facility that will meet our needs.  More information on the total cost will be available soon.

8.    Question:  The capital campaign is a 3-year goal.  Does this mean that construction will not begin for 3 more years?

Answer:  No. Plans are being made to begin to build sooner than 3 years.  There are several factors that will determine when construction can start. 

9. Question:  Do people need to specify what purpose they intend their money to be used for? (Write on the check/donate cash in separate baskets, etc.)

Answer:  Yes.  Mark your check and/or envelope “Capital Campaign.”  This insures your offering will be put into the “Capital Campaign” fund.  If it is not designated then your offering will go to the general fund.

10. Question:  Is there currently a way (or going to be a way in the near future) for people to make one-time donations or recurrent/scheduled payments for the campaign and/or offering online?

Answer:  We are looking at the various options.  Currently, there is no way to make online donation.  Hopefully, soon this will be made available.

11. Question:  What is the plan for the current church facility/land after the new facility is built?  Could this be an additional resource to subsidize the cost of the new facility after it is being utilized, or does the church have other plans/obligations involving our current area of worship?

Answer:  Different options have been discussed.  We need to continue to pray about this situation.  Ask God to make clear His will on this issue.  There have been no definite plans made about our current facility once we move into the new facility.

12. Question:  How is the church leadership leading by example in this campaign?

Answer:  All of the church board members have made a pledge for the next three years toward the Capital Campaign goal.  Secondly, in a board meeting in the early part of 2011 each individual board member was asked if they were committed to a new facility.  Also they were asked would they be willing to sign a loan for the new facility.  Every board member said that they were committed and ready to sign a loan agreement as long as the amount was within the church budget.  All board members understood that their pledge was in addition to their tithe!

13. Question:  Given the difficult economic times, many people may find it hard to find substantial amounts of cash beyond their usual tithe.  Do you have any recommendations on how to save in ways that might seem minute but can make a difference if the church body as a whole were to do it?

Answer:  I believe this question is really a question of priorities and sacrifice.  Each individual is going to have to search their heart and determine what they are willing to sacrifice in order to give above their tithe.  I believe each of us have the ability to financially sacrifice something to go towards the Capital Campaign goal.  In God’s economy the heart is the measurement not the amount of money.

14.  Question:  Is there any scripture that addresses the church body meeting a monetary need above and beyond the 10% tithe?

Answer:  There are several references in scripture to tithes and offerings.  The tithe referring to 10% the offering is something given above the tithe.  So we are directed to do both.  I believe 2 Corinthians 9:5-11 explains what I am trying to say.  Also, remember King David and his leaders gave of their own personal wealth (1 Chronicles 29:1-6) for the construction of the temple by Solomon. 

15. Question:  Is the capital campaign only for church members to donate, or can anybody?
Answer:  Anyone who recognizes God at work at MOCC is welcome to donate. 

16. Question:  Is there a number or a specific point of contact people could call to speak to someone personally to find out information or answer questions?

Answer: There are several ways to have any questions answered.  First, ask any board member.  Each of the elders’ phone numbers is listed in the church bulletin.  Also, all of the deacons’ names are listed.  Even though, their numbers are not listed, they would be willing to answer your questions.  Also, the church website,, will have current information on the progress of the capital campaign.  That information will also be made available in limited print form.

Friday, May 20, 2011

FAQ's- Part 1

1.       Question:  I understood the MOM’s Daycare to be a church outreach that was owned and operated by the church.  If it is owned by the church, I would have assumed all profits above and beyond operating expenses would be for the church.  Why then would the daycare have to tithe 10% for offering or the capital campaign?    
Answer:  The church does own the daycare.  There is a daycare board that is responsible for the operation of the daycare.  The daycare board is under the authority of the church board.  Profits from the daycare are used for this ministry.  The daycare board decided to tithe 10% in obedience to God’s word and an additional 10% is given to the capital campaign.  All profits from the daycare belongs to God.  The church board has the final authority to direct those profits as they see fit.  The daycare board uses these profits to sustain and expand this outreach ministry.

2.       Question:  With the increase in tithes and offering since the church’s attendance growth, are the tithes still only meeting the current ministry and operating cost, or is their headway being made that could be utilized for the new facility?

Answer:  Currently, tithes and offerings do exceed what is needed for ministries and operating costs of the church.  The church board decides how the money is spent.  This includes expanding current ministries or setting the money aside for a new facility.

3.       Question:    What does the capital campaign require/need of participants? (one time donations/monthly pledges/as you can give donations)

Answer:  Prayer is the most important need!!! Give willingly.  This campaign is going to require sacrifice, discipline and commitment.  The pledge cards that were handed out provide for weekly, monthly, yearly or one time donations.

4.       Question:     For people/families who may not have money to give, are there other ways to assist in “Moving the Mountain”? (Holding Fundraisers, Volunteer time, Donations of items for sale)

Answer:  Yes, all of these listed are excellent ways to contribute.  Be creative!! And be ready to be blessed!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Move that MOUNTAIN - May 13

Colossians 1:28-29
28 We proclaim Him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. 29 To this end I labor, struggling will all His energy, which so powerfully works in me.

God wants believers to work with Him to impact the world. He has chosen to accomplish His will by involving His children in the process. When God hears the cries of the weak and needy, He calls upon His children. When He wants to feed the hungry, He calls upon one of His own. When He wants to move against the kingdom of Satan, He involves His church. Although God could do it without anyone else, He has chosen to work through us...the Mt. Olivet Christian Church.
Hearts have been renewed, lives have been transformed and our church is on the move! Members of our church are doing all of these things, and more, in Christ’s name. He is there guiding us as we act in faith and obedience to His will, and He is preparing to bless us.
Over the last few weeks you have been called upon to pray for what your role will be in these beginning stages of The Capital Campaign. This campaign is in preparation of our new church building on Eibeck Lane, which will be approximately 20,000 square feet. The cost is estimated at $2,000,000.
To some this may seem like an enormous task that is out of our reach. But, as Christians we know what makes sense to God doesn’t make sense to the world. The ultimate goal is not just building a new church, but saving souls throughout our community.       From a Godly perspective, that is priceless.
On Sunday, May 15, there will be a time for each one of us to step out on faith and act in obedience. On this day you will be asked to commit an ADDITIONAL portion of your income towards this campaign. This is over and above your regular tithe, which you are asked to continue giving faithfully. Please understand that your weekly tithe supports and sustains the ministries and operating expenses of the church. This amount will be IN ADDITION to your tithe.
In anticipation of the pledge on Sunday pray for God’s guidance and blessing on your offering. And throughout this campaign continue being faithful and obedient with your tithe.

As we allow God to work with us and through us, together in unity we can...

For more information on the Capital Campaign always feel free to contact a church leader, or visit the website., or feel free to email questions to 
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


May 11, 2011
When you step through the doors at Mt. Olivet Christian Church you find beauty. The beauty of the aged woodwork, the beauty of the stained glass windows, and the beauty of the recent addition that was needed as the congregation grew. But, more importantly you find the beauty and the warmth that flows from God’s people.
On May 1st, the church embarked on a Capital Campaign. This campaign is the work of the leadership and other members of the congregation to strike excitement and anticipation for our new church building on Eibeck Lane. A new church that will be home to a new daycare, new Sunday School rooms, a new sanctuary, and the highly anticipated, new members.
The Capital Campaign is in preparation for a new church that is greatly needed. But, it appears that God has been building a new church inside the walls of Mt. Olivet for many years. Not within the building itself, but within the heart of each member.
King James is quite clear in Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish...” As you look around and watch what has been happening in our church, no one can deny there is a vision and we have a purpose. The growth of the congregation is leading us away from the existing building and to a new location to further God’s work in a way that will impact our community for eternity.
The little country church on Heekin-Lawrenceville Road has served its members well for many years. As sad as it may be to leave that property, we must realize God’s new beginnings await us. As the congregation grows and as our church is continually on the move, it seems clear that our unified vision is to push forward and build.
God is the Master Builder. He is our Creator. He will not leave us nor will He forsake us. During this campaign it isn’t just about the blueprints or moving dirt, it is about the foundation God has prepared for us and how we will respond.